Twin-Stick Retro Style Space Shooter

About Game

 Action space shooter where you undertake dangerous missions into enemy systems. Upgrade ships, weapons, destroy various enemies, space stations and withstand increasingly powerful enemy waves. Protect your miners, convoys and build the battleship to destroy even stronger enemies.


Twin-Stick Space Shooter

   Enjoy flying in any direction you want and choose which objectives have priority.

Retro Pixel Art Styled Graphics

     Enjoy retro atmosphere of 2D pixel art styled world with modern visual effects and animations!

Various Objectives

     Enjoy killing various enemies, destroy space stations, enemy transport ships, escort allied cargo ships, defend allied mining vessels, rescue crash survivors and much more!

Enemy Defense System

     Make sure you finish mission objectives as soon as possible and withstand increasingly powerful waves of enemy attacks!

Boss Fights

     Prepare for truly memorable boss fights!

Killer Soundtrack

    Unique hard rock soundtrack with retro synthetizers and other elements supporting retro and fighting atmosphere.

RPG Elements

     Research, upgrade and mount tons of weapons to your ships.


     Explore interesting story through comix style animated cutscenes and in-level dialogs.

Battleship and Docks

     Build battleship docks by getting level rewards, achievements and play with battleship in special levels.


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„We are just a small but enterprising fish in the sea of game development!“

Nanopike is an indie game development studio located in Košice, Slovakia, which was founded with the sole purpose of doing what its founders enjoy doing the most – developing video games. 

We are a team of creative people who work hard to fulfill theirs dream and bring interesting games and fun to the game scene.


Roman Mocnar

Lead Developer, Game Design, Music Composer, Sound Design, PR and Marketing 

Stanislav Dudas

Lead 2D / 3D Artist, Level Design, VFX, Animation, UI Design, Quality Assurance, Web Design, Promo Art

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.