Fact Sheet

Developer: Nanopike

Genre: Twin-stick shooter, Bullet Hell, Story Rich

Platforms: Steam PC, MAC, Other Platforms TBD

Engine: Unity 3D

Release Date: 2024

Availability: Digital Download

Price: TBD

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Japanesse, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese

Contact: nanopike.studio@gmail.com


Action space shooter where you undertake dangerous missions into enemy systems. Upgrade ships, weapons, destroy various enemies, space stations and withstand increasingly powerful enemy waves. Protect your miners, convoys and build the battleship to destroy even stronger enemies.

The game takes place in the future, where after the expansion of our civilization and the discovery of the so-called jump gates built by an unknown civilization used to quickly move between star systems our civilization was discovered by aliens.

Home planet and civilization itself was almost completely destroyed. After last failed fight they had to escape and started hiding at the edge of the galaxy. New colony was built and people are now trying to survive by sabotaging, stealing enemy resources and researching new technologies to survive.

It’s up to you and few others in special squads to show, that we are still here and we won’t be forgotten so easily!


„We are just a small but enterprising fish in the sea of game development!“

Nanopike is an indie game development studio located in Košice, Slovakia, which was founded with the sole purpose of doing what its founders enjoy doing the most – developing video games. 

We are a team of creative people who work hard to fulfill theirs dream and bring interesting games and fun to the game scene.


Roman Mocnar

Lead Developer, Game Design, Music Composer, Sound Design, PR and Marketing 

Stanislav Dudas

Lead 2D / 3D Artist, Level Design, VFX, Animation, UI Design, Quality Assurance, Web Design, Promo Art